A new call for engagement!

Because content is at the heart of eXtension, bringing new Communities of Practice into the eXtension initiative is critical. Last week a new Call for Engagement was announced with an additional $500,000 available for new and existing Communities of Practice.

Specifically targeted in this call are communities that represent production agriculture, diet, nutrition, and health, and youth development. Proposals in other areas of Extension programming are also welcome.

As with the first Call for Engagement, proposals will go through a two-step review process. Pre-proposals are due to eXtension on March 24, 2006 and the final awards will be made on September 1, 2006.

For more information contact: Craig Wood, craig.wood@extension.org or Carla Craycraft,
carla.craycraft@extension.org, Associate Directors of Content, eXtension Initiative, University of Kentucky, 236 Scovell Hall, Lexington, Kentucky, 40546-0064, telephone: 859.257.4736 x 495, fax: 859.323.1006.