eXtension Frequently Asked Questions Initiative Challenge II Winners

Tennessee State University, overall winners of the first eXtension Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Challenge, held their considerable lead over other institutions representing the all Cooperative Extension Regions in phase II of the contest to become our undisputed National eXtension FAQ Champion. Tennessee State had an outstanding 59% of their Extension employees participating in the contest and also remains the winner of the 1890 Region

Congratulations also go to Extension employees of the University of Tennessee as the sole winner in the very strong Southern Region, submitting an amazing total of 561 FAQs by 34% of their employees. Honorable mentions also go to Louisiana State University (344 FAQs) and Texas A&M University (271 FAQs).

The University of Maine emerged victorious again for the North East Region with 41% of their Extension employees submitting a total of 91 FAQs while Montana State University also remained the clear winner in the Western Region with submission of 282 FAQs by 38% of their Extension employees.

The competition was close in the North Central Region however Purdue University remained in top position with 29% of employees submitting 314 FAQs with North Dakota State University finishing honorably with 28% of their Extension faculty and staff posting 230 total FAQs.

Team members of the winning intuition in each region who submitted FAQs will be awarded with an eXtension mouse pad. Overall, more than one thousand Extension employees registered in the eXtension FAQ system representing 54 institutions submitting a grand total of over 3000 FAQs. Submitted FAQs will be reviewed by appropriate Extension content specialists and Communities of Practice. Once the questions and responses are peer reviewed they will become part of the eXtension public FAQ system to be launched later this year. We greatly appreciate everyone’s participation.

Complete metrics on the eXtension FAQ Challenge can be viewed at: http://faq.extension.org/Metrics.html