Communications & Marketing Advisory Committee

One of the critical components of eXtension is the work of the various advisory groups that help eXtension staff members accomplish their goals and objectives related to the Implementation Plan and Milestones established for each working year. One very busy advisory committee is the one focused on Communications & Marketing. The group has been in place since October 2005 and has helped to build the strategic communications and marketing plan, worked on internal audience research, worked on the development of a communications toolkit for Intitutional Teams, and worked on marketing individual Communities of Practice within eXtension. Members of the Communications & Marketing Advisory Committee include:
• Terry Canup, New Mexico State University

• Elaine Edwards, Iowa State University

• Scott Fedale, Washington State University

• Elizabeth Gregory, Texas A & M University

• Frankie Gould, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center

• Paul Hixson, University of Illinois

• Tom Knecht, Mississippi State University

• Michael McLendon, Tennessee State University

• Gloria Mosby, Prairie View A & M University

• Kersten Roan, Virginia Tech

• Suzanne Steel, Ohio State University

• Stephen Vantassel, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

• Ashley Wood, University of Florida

• Holly Young, University of New Hampshire

For more information on the work of this advisory committee contact Terry Meisenbach at