Excellent ‘Science on the Hill’ event

Dan Cotton visits with one of the attendees at the eXtension booth

Dan Cotton and I had the opportunity to staff an eXtension exhibit last night at the annual University Science and Education Exhibition and Reception on Capitol Hill. This year’s event was themed: Agriculture Research and Education Serving the Nation: Nutrition/Wellness, Rural and Economic Development, and Water Quality/Quantity.

I think Dan would concur that the event was an excellent experience. We had the opportunity to share eXtension with many, many of those who attended. We also were able to visit with a number of CARET representatives from throughout the U.S. and to thank them for their efforts on behalf of eXtension. Most of the CARET members had spent yesterday visiting their Congressional delegations and eXtension was a topic in which they said there was great interest.

We shared the eXtension brochure, the 2005 annual report “Return on Investment”, the eXtension milestones for 2006, and distributed the ever popular eXtension mousepads. We were also able to share a near final draft of a new Flash presentation on eXtension. That presentation will be posted to this blog in its final iteration.

Thanks to all who helped us with our exhibit and those who stopped by last night to say hello.