New eXtension Service –

eXtension staff unveiled our “” integrated account management tool today, providing one website where members of our Communities of Practice, our Extension System technology staff, Institutional Teams, visitors and more can come and manage their account, registered email address, and their profile information.

This tool, located at lets folks sign for an eXtensionID, set (and reset) their password, and update their profile information with their affiliated State and University – and county for eXtension County/Parish agents.

We’ll be adding more features to this tool in the future, such as the ability to list interests and areas of expertise, enter biographies, and more! Watch for more announcements about those features in the next several months.

If you have an account, come update your profile. If you don’t have an account – or you previously signed up for one at our former “intranet” site – come sign up for one.

Your eXtensionID will be the gateway to many new and exciting services coming from eXtension over the next several months!