Pioneering CoP – HorseQuest Meeting Outcome

The National Equine Resource Team, known as HorseQuest, joined together last week in Lexington, Kentucky to focus on developing content. This hands on meeting facilitated member involvement in the eXtension Communities of Practice Wiki where they further developed material for four educational learning modules. The team was excited to accept new members who hit the ground running and quickly found their place in this ongoing content development.

Discussion also focused on what characteristics should exist to engage in partnerships with groups both in and outside the Cooperative Extension System. Team members brought some really exciting opportunities to HorseQuest and eXtension that can soon be shared with other CoPs.

Despite the fast approaching deadline for launching their equine resources, they still found time and enthusiasm in discussing next steps and began dialogue on how a more robust youth component should be included and the specific audience to targeted.

Additional topics of discussion included peer review guidelines, protocol for adding and recruiting new members to the team, evaluation tactics, graduate and undergraduate student funding for specific tasks, migration of HorseQuest’s existing FAQs to the eXtension FAQ system and identified key members to participate in system testing.

A regular conference call schedule has been established to keep HorseQuest Team members in touch and engaged to take advantage of momentum stimulated during this meeting.