eXtension Governing Committee Meets in Kansas City

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Members of the eXtension Governing Committee are meeting in Kansas City today, April 4, 2006. The group meets monthly to direct the overall progress of the eXtension initiative and to receive updates on content development, information technology, communications & marketing, development, and professional development as related to eXtension.

The current Governing Committee includes:

  • Elbert Dickey, North Central Region, Chair
  • Paul Coreil, Southern Region, Vice Chair
  • Dalton McAffee, 1890 Region, Secretary
  • Karen Hinton, Western Region
  • Lavon Bartel, Northeast Region
  • Noland Williams, ECOP, ex-officio
  • James Wade, NASULGC, ex-officio
  • Greg Crosby, CSREES, ex-officio

The Governing Committee meeting is being held prior to the Internal Partners Advisory Committee (IPAC) meeting that will be featured in a subsequent blog article this week.