Enabling Extension Engagement

eXtension is deploying and developing many applications over the next several months. All the applications have one thing in common: collaboration. While the IT team is heavily focused on the technology, we are keenly aware that the technology is not what defines the success of eXtension.

Web 2.0, tagging, the “read-write” web, social networking — while the buzz words tend to be incredibly over-used, the concepts are quite relevant. As Extension clientele turn to Google for answers to their horticultural and financial questions, not to mention reassurance after watching the latest made-for-TV movie, “Canine Flu Bites the US”, the tools are needed to allow Extension staff to meet the clients on their turf.

Providing the technology to contribute to articles, questions, news releases, etc. will allow Extension staff to share their knowledge with a broader audience and collaborate with peers to ensure accuracy. Technology: create knowledge it does not; people do.