eXtension rolls out frequently asked questions to CES nationwide

On Wednesday, July 5, 2006 eXtension will roll out its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) application to all CES employees nationwide. The FAQ application allows CES faculty and staff the opportunity to submit, review, and edit the questions and answers they get most often from clientele every day.

Extension employees must first have an eXtension ID. That ID can be obtained by going to http://people.extension.org and completing a simple registration process. The eXtension ID allows them to work in many of the eXtension collaborative workspaces and applications, including the Frequently Asked Questions.

To work within the Frequently Asked Questions application, individuals may simply go to: http://faq.extension.org. In that application individuals can search for questions and answers, submit questions and answers, and also edit and review questions and answers that have already been submitted.

If you have any questions about the FAQ application itself, please feel free to contact Kevin Gamble at kevin.gamble@extension.org.