Talk to us!

As Extension Professionals, one of the greatest joys of our work (and occasionally the root of our best stories 🙂 ) is our interaction with the communities and individuals that we serve. Sharing knowledge is what we do best, and most times we learn more from the questions and experiences of those that we are sharing our answers with!

And the same is true of our eXtension Staff. Your questions and your feedback helps us tremendously. We are in the beginning stages of rolling out a myriad of tools available to the eXtension Communities of Practice and to the entire Extension System. You may have already heard about our site where you can sign up for your eXtensionID, and recently announced Frequently Asked Questions site. And there’s our Communities of Practice wiki and the Extension System collaborative wiki. And we have more coming in the next several months. Try them out and talk to us! Along with our Staff Directory we have several addresses available for you to use: Our general help and assistance email address. Bug reports for any of our applications Feedback, Comments, and Questions about our eXtension tools and services

Email to all of these addresses is collected into our Bug and Support Tracking Database, which we use to route questions among the staff, and improve our tools and services. Your quality feedback and reports make a tremendous impact on our improving our tools – when you do send us help requests, bugs, or feedback – make sure to tell us:

  1. What you did. This should include as much detail as possible. And for our web applications – please include the URL where the problem occurred and your operating system and browser/client software!
  2. What you expected.
  3. What actually happened.

So Talk to Us! We are very much looking forward to hearing from you!