Establishing Trust is CRITICAL for effective Online Communication

An article in Science Daily states that, Establishing Trust Online Is Critical For Online Communication there conclusions were reported in a paper “Swift Trust in Virtual Teams”.

The authors, Starr Roxanne Hiltz and Naomi Rotter, argue that virtual team leaders and on-line teachers need to overcome the potential coldness of the electronic medium and suggest a number of tactics for building “Swift Trust” including:

  1. Creating the sense that the leader is present even though they can’t be seen.
  2. Establishing on-line dialogue early and quickly.
  3. Swiftly and constructively replying to all new users comments and issues.
  4. Recognising that the impression gained by users in the first week will have a major influence on future use.
  5. Using private emails rather than public forums to scold users who are struggling.
  6. These are useful techniques for virtual coaches and virtual team leaders seeking to create more effective virtually networked teams.