eXtension now part of Second Life virtual world

eXtension in December, along with 16 other educational institutions,
established a location in the Second Life virtual world. Virtual
worlds such as Second Life represent some interesting opportunities
for education in an online environments. It provides a unique and
flexible environment for educators interested in distance learning,
computer-supported cooperative work, and professional development.
Currently there are 87 educational institutions and organizations who
have established a presence in this virtual world including several
of our land-grants universities and several government entities such
as the Library of Congress, NASA, and NOAA.

Our location on EduIsland is where we are working hard to develop a
learning environment in preparation of our offering non-formal in-
world educational experiences this coming Spring. In addition,
eXtension is working to acquire a space for Cooperative Extension on
the secure Second Life youth grid, and will be exploring its use
working hand-in-hand with our Youth SET Community of Practice.

eXtension is looking for some adventurous Extension educators
interested in collaborating on some initial educational offerings. If
this is something that might interest you please contact Kevin
Gamble, Associate Director for eXtension at kevin.gamble@extension.org