Hidalgo endorses eXtension through the Horse Community of Practice

“Oscar,” aka Hidalgo, endorses and supports eXtension. At the recent Everything Equine in Burlington, Vermont, Oscar was one of three American Paint Horses that starred in the John Fusco’s screen story of Hidalgo. Hidalgo was based on life and long distance riding ability of Frank T. Hopkins.

Hidalgo was a Mustang stallion, considered the spirit horse of the Cimarron. Hidalgo is now part of the HorseQuest Community of Practice. Oscar starred in the opening scene of the movies, was the horse used in the village scene rescuing the Princess, and was in the desert scene involving the pit with spears and fought off the leopards.

Oscar’s manager Stephanie Lockhart (www.red-road-farm.com) said eXtension is a remarkable site with a tremendous amount of information that will be very useful to horse owners. She and Oscar both really like the site and find it very worthwhile and are extremely excited to be a part of the National eXtension initiative.