How team members might accept change

In the “The Secret Language of Success: Using Body Language to Get What You Want” by Dr. David Lewis (1989), Dr. Lewis suggests you can determine how a person on your team views change by having them repaeta a simple phrase.

Dr Lewis recommends you get each of them to repeat the following 5 words out loud without thinking about it too much:

“We can’t do that here”

Listen carefully to which of the five words they stress – if its:

  1. We – they are worried about their Identity
  2. Can’t – they are worried about their beliefs and values
  3. Do – they are worried about their skills
  4. That – they are worried about their behavior
  5. Here – they are worried about the environment

It might be nonsense, they might laugh at you or you might just learn something important about one of your fellow team members!

You might give it a try!!!