30 Minute Session: AJAX: Cleaning up your Web Applications and Reducing User Clicks

Many users today are preferring websites that provide information faster with a minimum amount of work necessary. Over the years, with the constant rise in bandwidth availability, internet users have became progressively impatient when browsing websites. Many users may simply give up on websites that take too long or direct them to too many pages. AJAX is a mechanism that gives users almost instant availability of information when it is requested within web pages without having to redirect the user to new pages. This presentation will focus on familiarizing the audience with AJAX and it’s different uses in web applications.

Plan to join us on September 26, 2007 for this online professional development opportunity presented by Aaron Hundley, eXtension applications analyst.

Give us 30 minutes and we’ll teach you something useful! This session will be held at our Web Conferencing Center at http://connect.extension.iastate.edu/learn and your telephone. Plan to join the session 5 minutes before the starting time. Each session will be held at 3:00p Eastern Time (2:00p CT, 1:00p MT, 12:00n PT, 11:00a AT; 9:00a HT) unless otherwise noted. Get more information about participating…