Welcome to the new About eXtension!

Yesterday, after two months of working on the redesign, we rolled out a completely new and rebuilt-from-the-ground-up About eXtension. The transition went smoothly (if you are reading this in a feed, you may not have even realized that there is a new site — come check it out!) so we hope you’ll come take advantage of the new site.

There’s a lot of underlying changes — better site organization and a cleaner, easier-to-read design — but the biggest difference is the homepage. The new homepage is designed to help first-time visitors quickly get up to speed with all eXtension has to offer. It also serves as an information hub for existing members to find everything they need.

Here are a few highlights of the new homepage design:

  1. Global navigation bar: The top of every page contains links to all the main eXtension properties (the Wikis and our applications).
  2. The Blog: Yes, we still have a blog — it’s just not our homepage anymore. You can read it at https://www.extension.org/blog or, even better, subscribe to the feed (links at the bottom of every page) and never miss a post.
  3. Quicklinks: A consolidated list of popular eXtension web pages.
  4. Upcoming Events: Easily check for Professional Development opportunities and other eXtension-related events. It pulls its information from blog posts that have been categorized as events.

highlights of the about extension homepage

We hope you enjoy the new site and would love to hear what you think. You can leave a comment right here on this post or email us at feedback@extension.org. Thanks!