Coming Soon! Tagging in FAQ

We are very excited to announce major new features in the eXtension FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) application! This is the biggest change yet to eXtension FAQ and it includes a very powerful information management technology called Tagging. (read more about it in the feature list below.)

There are also helpful visual changes. The “Ask an Expert” tool (used to answer questions submitted from the eXtension public site) is now a standalone application that works side-by-side with the FAQ tool. The cleaner design makes the program much easier to use and addresses previously identified points of confusion.

The New FAQ homepage

The new site is going live Monday morning, November 5th. If you can’t wait until Monday, go visit the FAQ demo site and get a sneak peek. Feel free to play in there because the data is not live and questions and responses are not actually sent.

7 Brand New Features in the FAQ Application

The revamped FAQ application offers a beefed-up system of information management called tagging that offers users enormous flexibility to find and organize their FAQs. Tagging allows users to construct their own personalized systems of information organization from the ground up. These systems become very valuable to the community as more and more tags are added.
FAQ tags

Save for later
Save the question now, write the answer later. We now support a more flexible workflow for users who want to get FAQs into the system.

Ask an Expert
This feature is now a standalone tool inside the FAQ application. It’s easier to use and offers a new “area of expertise” and geography filter.

Ask an Expert homepage

Convert any Incoming Question into a FAQ
We added tighter integration between Ask an Expert and FAQs. Any resolved incoming question can now be converted directly to a FAQ.

We’ve added a faster more stable search. (But tags are so useful, you may find yourself using search less)

Cleaner Design
Individual FAQs and Incoming Questions both have improved layouts and navigation.

Users can now custom select a date range when generating reports.

These are just a handful of the new features we’re introducing. There are many more all designed to make the FAQ application more powerful and easier to use. We hope you like the sneak peek and look forward to seeing you in the new system!