Special Presentation: Prediction Markets

Learn how organizations are using prediction markets to chart their strategic future. Adam Siegel, co-founder of Inkling Markets (http://inklingmarkets.com/) will share how prediction markets are being used to forecast the answers by buying and selling shares in stocks representing alternative outcomes. Using a stock market-like mechanism allows people to express their opinion as a “weighted vote” over time in response to new information or a change of opinion. Unlike a poll, a prediction market is asking “what will happen?” vs. “what do you want to happen?” Join us to learn how progressive organizations are using prediction markets to guide their decision making.

Plan to join us on January 30, 2008 for this special online professional development opportunity.

This session will be held at our Web Conferencing Center at http://connect.extension.iastate.edu/learn and your telephone. Plan to join the session 5 minutes before the starting time. This session will be held at 2:00p Eastern Time (1:00p CT, 12:00n MT, 11:00a PT, 10:00a AT; 8:00a HT). Get more information about participating…