eXtension Launches February 21, 2008

eXtension will launch tomorrow, February 21, 2008 as a part of the USDA Ag Outlook Forum. Details of the launch ceremony are:

Thursday, February 21, 2008
3:15 p.m.

• Opening Remarks by Colien Hefferan, Administrator, CSREES, emcee
• Ribbon cutting by Secretary of Agriculture Schafer (Deputy Secretary Conner)
• Introductions/recognition of Dignitaries/Special Guests by REE Deputy Under
Secretary Merle Pierson
• Remarks by Gale Buchanan, Under Secretary REE
• Introductions/recognition of eXtension Staff, Dan Cotton, Director, eXtension
• Introductions/recognition of eXtension Community of Practice leaders, Carla Craycraft & Craig Wood, eXtension co-Associate Directors, Content Development
• Introductions/recognition of CSREES NPLs/liaisons to CoPs, Greg Crosby, CSREES NPL & Member, eXtension Director’s Council & Governing Committee
• Introductions of eXtension Partners/Sponsors, Colien Hefferan, Administrator, CSREES and Community of Practice leaders
• Peter McPherson, President, National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges.
• Concluding Remarks, Colien Hefferan, Administrator, CSREES
• eXtension eXhibits Open (Salon J); eXtension Briefings begin (Salon K)

eXtension Briefings can be found at https://www.extension.org/wiki/Briefing_Final