Needing your news feeds

eXtension late last year launched a site to provide a one-stop-shop to aggregate news stories created by our partner institutions across the country: The idea behind the site was to create a value-added service where media and others could get ready access to the news of the system both geographically as well as topically. We knew that the popularity of feed aggregation sites was only going to grow, and we were hoping to get out in front of the curve with an aggregation site for Cooperative Extension.

Heather Hopkins at Hitwise Intelligence has written a thoughtful post on the growing demand for these services: Content Aggregation is King?

Visits to these 8 news aggregators grew 11% year on year last week. So yes, content aggregation is increasing in popularity, using website visits as the gauge of popularity. But, the News and Media category as a whole also grew last year – up 10% year on year last week. Looking back two years, visits to the 8 News Aggregators is up 23% and visits to the News and Media category are up 11%.

The following graph depicts how the demand for feed aggregation services continues to grow:

Growth in Popularity of News Feed Aggregators

The site represents an opportunity for the entire system to work together to provide a Web-based product that consumers are showing they want. We need your help in satisfying that need. In order to make it work we need your news syndication feeds today. It takes no longer than a couple of hours to create a feed, and after that it all happens automatically. More details on what is involved can be found under the About Us tab at, and of course, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at