eXtension News: A New Direction

On April 17, 2009, the eXtension staff decided to re-evaluate the future of the news.extension.org application in light of the site usage, our priorities, resources, and on the general recommendations of the 2008 Progress Review Panel to simplify the number of eXtension sites. We have discontinued the operation of the news.extension.org application and the code development at this time.

The application is gone, but we’re still interested in aggregating the Cooperative Extension feeds that were collected at news.extension.org. As an experiment, we’ve taken those feeds and created a Cooperative Extension News “room” in FriendFeed.

You can get a feed from this room to add to your own feed reader, or read the news right in FriendFeed. If you want to share with a wider audience, you can even use FriendFeed to create a widget, and display the latest CE articles on your own website (directions at the bottom of this post).

Visit the Cooperative Extension News FriendFeed room. (If you have a feed that should be added, please let us know about it.)

Friendfeed is just one way to collect and share Cooperative Extension news. If you have other ideas in mind, we’d love to hear what you’re thinking. Thanks!

Make a News Widget

Here’s an easy way you can create a widget to put on your website that will display the latest Cooperative Extension News articles:

1) If you don’t have a FriendFeed account, you need to create one first.
Click the orange “Create an Account” button at
2) After you are signed in, Click the Tools link at the top of FriendFeed
3) Click “Embeddable Widgets” under the “Share your feed” section
4) Click the “Feed Widget” text
5) Select “Cooperative Extension News” from the Feed dropdown selector.
6) Customize your widget options and copy and paste the javascript to
your website