Ask an Expert Task Force Releases Report

This past Spring eXtension created a task force to study opportunities and issues around the eXtension Ask an Expert service. The task force conducted four different studies as a part of its deliberations:

  • A study of the public users of the service
  • Focus groups of specialists, agents, educators, and volunteers
  • Interviews with Directors and Administrators
  • An analysis of system logs and clientele goal fulfillment

The objectives of the task force were to answer the following questions:

  • were people receiving meaningful/useful answers to the question they asked?
  • were the answers provided sufficient to solve the problem the question addressed?
  • did the public perceive that the answers provided were based on scientifically defensible information?
  • were the answers provided quickly enough to affect the resolution?
  • were the answers written in a way to be easily understood by a non-scientists/lay audience?
  • were people satisfied with using the AAE service?
  • did the people understood/realize that the answers were being provided from non-biased university sources?

The report detailing the findings and decisions of the task force were presented to the eXtension Governing Committee on June 4th. The full report is available for download: Ask an Expert Task Force: Findings and Decisions (PDF 900k).

Results and a discussion of the finding will be presented on June 25 from 2:00-3:00p Eastern. To join the discussion come to:

For more information contact the Task Force Chair Kevin Gamble,