Content Development Update Features New CoPs & Launches

eXtension is pleased to announce a new Community of Practice – Omega-3. Debrah M. Palmer, Rutgers University, provides leadership for this community. This Community is intent on sharing information about omega-3 fatty acids (n-3s). N-3s, and in particular fish and fish oils, have been frequently highlighted in the news in the last few years. Myriad health benefits associated with increased intake of this nutrient have been suggested or implied. However, while some of the health claims made have substantial scientific support, other claims are still questionable due to limited scientific testing. Additionally, differences in types, forms, and amounts of n-3s needed for health must be discerned.

This Community of Practice, largely comprised of scientists from a multi-state project that has been supported by USDA for more than 30 years, will take existing and newly emerging research-based, peer-reviewed information about n-3 fatty acids and compile it into a centralized, consumer-centered, and trustworthy source of information in the eXtension educational environment.

The Families, Food, and Fitness Community of Practice officially launched content in June. The Families Food and Fitness Community of Practice will provide education and skills to help families make informed decisions about healthy eating and physical activity by providing them with evidence (science/research) – based information and learning opportunities through eXtension. Families Food and Fitness is organized around three goals for the Community of Interest:

* Improve diets;
* Increase physical activity; and
* Maintain body weight in a healthy range and avoid excess weight gain.

Initially, the content of the website will be focused on six key behaviors that have been identified in the literature to be association with maintaining and achieving a healthy body weight:

1. Move More Everyday
2. Tame the Tube
3. Control Portion Size
4. Enjoy More Fruits and Vegetables
5. Prepare More Meals at Home
6. Re-Think Your Drink