Edition 1.5 of State and Institutional Reports Released

Edition 1.5 of the state and institutional reports has just been released and includes data from January-June, 2009. This report is intended to keep you informed of eXtension activity that can be reported by state and institutions. The report includes state and institutional metrics from the eXtension public website (visits, pageviews, cities visiting, average pageviews per visit, average time on the site, and the percentage of new people visiting the site). It also includes metrics on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from states and institutions, as well as individuals with eXtension IDs and their membership in Communities of Practice (CoP) from states and institutions. Our next edition (2.0) will be published in January 2010 and include data from January-December, 2009.

To access your report, go to


and then scroll down and click on your state to view your report.

We hope that this report will provide you with important data about your state and institutional involvement in eXtension.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Mike Lambur (mike.lambur@extension.org).