New feature in Ask an Expert: Question Follow-up (Phase 1)

One of the most requested features in the Ask an Expert application is the ability to follow-up with the person who submitted the question. This can be useful when we need to ask for more information before answering or if we need to provide clarifying statements once an answer is sent. This week we are releasing “Phase One” of the Ask an Expert question follow-up feature.

Here’s what’s new this week in Phase One:

  1. We have created a private URL where public users can view their AaE question. (one URL for each question)
  2. We now send a “We have received your question” email when the question is submitted. (it includes a link to the private page.)
  3. Public users have the ability to edit their question until an expert responds.
  4. If the public user edits their question, an email is sent to the assigned expert with the updated question.

Basically, Phase One starts to engage the public user by providing a URL destination and the ability to edit. We actually encourage the public user, through design, to edit and make the question better so it’s easier for the expert to answer.

Here’s what the public user will see

There are no changes to the AaE application user interface. The only difference for our experts will be the appearance of a new status in the question activity stream: “Question edited by public user.”

The next phases will include actual follow-up with back-and-forth replies, and will be the next item we work on.