Keynote by Tara Hunt streaming live from the National eXtension Conference

12:00 (Central): Lunch Speaker: Embracing the Chaos (& other scary tales from the social web) Tara Hunt, Author, The Whuffie Factor, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Citizen Agency

Watch it here:

Tara Hunt

Tara Hunt Tara Hunt is a leading authority on online communities—how they are changing our culture and how businesses must behave in order to succeed in the participatory web economy. She is one of the most respected and cited thought leaders in community marketing—how to delight and enchant the people in the communities your company serves with products, experiences and communications that honor an all-new set of expectations. The Whuffie Factor: Using the Power of Social Networks to Build Your Business is Tara’s new breakthrough book on community marketing. It provides the strategic map and specific tactics for success in the new economy and its elusive, lucrative world of online communities.