National eXtension Conference Recorded Breakout Sessions Now Available

eXtension held an outstanding first National eXtension Conference in St. Louis, MO October 20-23, 2009.  Many breakout sessions were web cast nationwide and recorded for future viewing.  The following is a list of those breakout sessions and the URLs for the recordings.  Simply click on the URL and you will be able to view and hear the sessions:

Wednesday, October 21

How to Host Your Own Webinar and Why
Floyd Davenport

Technologies for Creating Educational Content for Online Programs
Floyd Davenport

Yes, a multi-state collaboration can produce success, plus more!
Jody Johnson

How the Virtual News Room Works for You
Lynette Spicer

Thursday, October 22

Sensemaking for Qualitative Research: The research methodologies used by the Ask an Expert Task force
Kevin Gamble

Using eXtension Tools, Technologies, and Concepts to Improve Extension Work
Jerold R. Thomas

Guidelines for Information Technology-based Promotion & Tenure Expectations and Metrics: A Proposal
Robert Hughes, Jr.

Implementing the eXtension Widget on County web sites in Ohio: A case study
Jerry Thomas

Evaluate Your Content with Google Analytics (by Category)
Ben MacNeill

Be, Grow, Create Phase 2 @ Oregon State
Mark Anderson-Wilk, Alex Stone, and John McQueen

Introducing ideas for establishing a social media strategy
Anne Adrian

Assessing County Extension Program’s Readiness to Adopt Technology: They Don’t Know What They Don’t Know
Dana Martin and Jeff Hino

Effective Review Standards: The Role of Authors, Editors, Reviewers, Users, and Communicators in Quality Control and Usability
Mark Anderson-Wilk

A Creative Approach to Generating eXtension Publications in the Family Caregiving CoP
Amy F. Hosier