Two New eXtension Professional Development CoPs Announced

The eXtension Professional Development Steering Committee is pleased to announce the creation of two new Professional Development Communities of Practice (PDCoP). One of these is being created under the leadership of Wynne Wright (Michigan) along with Steve Smutko (Wyoming), Loretta Singletary (Nevada), Renee Daugherty (Oklahoma), and Sandra Hodge (Missouri) . The name of this PDCoP is Public Deliberation, and is being formed to help Extension professionals gain the set of skills, competencies, and experiences needed to effectively employ citizen-centered approaches as a core part of their Extension engagement activities. It is also intended as a place to network with others who share in the challenges of university-community engagement. Information about this PDCoP is available at

The second of the PDCoPs will address Extension Brand Value, and is being led by Elizabeth Gregory North (Texas), Frankie Gould (Louisiana), and Ann Bailey Berry (West Virginia). The primary purpose of this PDCoP is to meet the knowledge needs of faculty and staff related to marketing and branding, continuing the work of the ECOP Marketing and Communications Task Force through creation, implementation, and evaluation phases, and being careful stewards of the research already completed. More complete information about the plans of this PDCoP is available at