eXtension Overall Metrics Report to be Released November 2009

eXtension is putting the finishing touches on the eXtension Overall Metrics Report. This report will provide a summary of appropriate data that highlights the continuing evolution and growth of eXtension. The data in this report represents a snapshot of the breadth and depth of eXtension at one point in time, with growth data as appropriate. As eXtension continues to grow and expand, new data will be added to further characterize its growth and expansion.

In this report, a summary of the following will be provided: eXtension ID holders, Communities of Practice, eXtension content metrics, Frequently Asked Questions, Ask an Expert, eXtension sponsored professional development sessions, the use of Moodle in both professional development and course learning, and the overall eXtension website statistics.

The report should be released in November.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact: Michael Lambur, eXtension Evaluation and Research Leader, mike.lambur@extension.org