Hot Topics in eXtension News – Ohio Issue 2 and Wooly Worms

eXtension’s Virtual News Room provided web viewers with information on Ohio’s controversial animal welfare ballot issue as well as helped amateur forecasters learn all about wooly worms and the weather.

Top 10 News Releases during October 2009
Google Analytics–Number of Pageviews

1, 744–Ohio Issue 2 – Ohio State University Fact Sheet on Legal Questions (Agriculture in Van Wert County, Ohio)
1,395–Wooly Worms and the Weather (University of Illinois)
830–Deer Overpopulation Causes Problems, (University of Kentucky)
653–Tax Credit Available for First-time Homebuyers (Oklahoma State University)
365–Pennsylvania Fall Foliage Could be Awesome Expert Says, (Penn State University)
338–Aronia Berries Easy to Grow Organically, Have High Levels of Antioxidants (Iowa State University)
331–The Pros and Cons of Television Viewing for Children (University of Missouri)
329–Ohio’s Ballot Issue 2 Pertains to Care Standards for Farm Animals (Agriculture in Van Wert County, Ohio)
310–Even Frost-Free Outdoor Faucets Can Freeze, Break (Kansas State University)
266–The Third Wire: Using Three-prong Plugs with Two-prong Adapters (Louisiana State University)

Number of News Releases by Sources
23–North Dakota State University
22–University of Arkansas
21–North Carolina Cooperative Extension
20–Louisiana State University
17–University of Illinois
16–Ohio State University
14–Iowa State University
13–University of Missouri
12–University of Minnesota
10–Kansas State University, Oklahoma State University, University of Wisconsin
9–Penn State University
8–University of Kentucky
7–Mississippi State University, Oregon State University, Purdue University, Texas AgriLife Extension
6–University of Nebraska
5–University of Georgia, Utah State University
4–Washington State University
3–Alaska Sea Grant, Clemson University, Cornell University, University of California, University of Nevada, Virginia Cooperative Extension
2–Montana State University, Southern University, West Virginia State University
1–Alabama Cooperative Extension, Michigan State University, Rutgers University, University of Maine, University of New Hampshire
9–Other sources
3–Original releases
294–Total Releases

Number of news releases posted to each community of practice
35–Gardens, lawns and landscapes
31–to both Personal finance; Entrepreneurs and Their Communities
24–to both Corn and Soybean Production, Families, Food and Fitness
19–Beef cattle
10–Science, Engineering, and Technology for Youth
7–to both Family caregiving; Pest management in and around structures
6–to both Animal Manure Management; Agrosecurity and floods
5–to both Wildlife damage management; Cotton
4–to each Geospatial Technology; Organic Agriculture; Bee Health; Ag Energy
3–to each: Imported Fire Ants; Wildfire; Marine Fisheries
2–to each: Diversity Across Higher Education; Goats; Small Meat Processors; Food Safety
1 to both Swine; Freshwater Aquaculture
294 Total Releases