Governing Committee/eXtension Foundation Board of Directors Changes Membership, Leadership

At the November meeting of both the eXtension Governing Committee and eXtension Foundation Board of Directors, leadership and membership for the organizations changed. The new chair of the two groups is Keith Smith, Ohio State University, replacing Karen Hinton, University of Nevada-Reno. Hinton remains a member of both groups. Jimmy Henning, University of Kentucky, is Vice Chair; Dalton McAffee, Alcorn State University, is Treasurer; and Rick LeVitre, University of Vermont, is Secretary and replaces Paul Bonaparte-Krogh, University of New Hampshire. Bonaparte-Krogh’s term on the Committee and the Board of Directors ends this month. Ex-officio members of the Governing Committee are James Wade, APLU; Greg Crosby, NIFA/USDA; and Tom Coon, Michigan State University representing the ECOP Program Committee. Both the Governing Committee and the eXtension Foundation Board of Directors meet monthly. The Governing Committee is responsible for overall policy and direction of eXtension and delegates responsibility of day-to-day operations to the eXtension Director, staff and task forces.