New Preview Features for the Public Site

This morning we released new code that greatly simplifies and strengthens the architecture behind the wiki-to-pubsite publishing process. This new code has a big impact on previewing content from the wiki.

New and Improved Real Time Previewing
Previewing a piece of content from the CoP wiki is now a real time feature. You no longer have to wait 5+ mins to preview your edits. With the new Preview feature, you make a change, click the “preview” button and you will immediately see exactly how your page will look on the Public Site. You can also click the “print” link from the preview page to see how an article will look when printed. We hope this new feature will make content creation easier and more efficient.

CoP Content Checklist
There is also a new checklist view for CoP Public Site homepages. We can no longer render CoP homepages in preview, but we’ve created a view that displays the current status of all the content needed for a community’s homepage (published articles, events, FAQs, news, features, homage image, etc.) We realize that CoPs currently use the homepage preview to make sure they have all their content in place. This new feature will meet that need with a checklist showing everything a CoP needs before they can launch. But you can also use this feature just to see the current status of your homepage. Your checklist view is available at Click the “Content Tag” link in the right column and you’ll get a view similar to the one below: