Software Updates for December

We rolled out a few new features and several miscellaneous bug fixes today in the Public Site and Ask an Expert application.

There’s a new “Don’t assign me questions” option in your AaE preferences. This feature does exactly what it says. When selected, AaE questions can not be assigned to you. We anticipate adding a separate “away” option in the near future (1Q 2010), but this feature can be used for that purpose in AaE until such time.

There’s a new feature in the Public Site Preview that highlights malformed links in an article. When you are previewing a page from the CoP wiki, any links that are incorrectly formatted will turn red. Those URLs need to be fixed before you publish the page.

There are cleaner mobile styles for the People application and the Ask Widget site ( Mobile development is an ongoing process. If you’ve got comments or questions about how our apps are displaying on your device just comment here on this post or drop us an email to thanks!