eXtension Foundation Approves Partnership Levels of Giving

The eXtension Foundation Board of Directors approved partnerships and level of giving guidelines at their December 3, 2009 meeting. The policy clarifies the different types of partners/sponsors within eXtension and provides approved recognition within eXtension.

Not for profit organizations, for profit organizations; i.e. corporations, associations, or organizations; foundations; government entities – federal, state, or local; and individuals are all potential partners/sponsors of eXtension. Grant partners may also be recognized through these guidelines.

Recognition categories include:
Titanium – $500,000 and beyond;
Platinum – $250,000 – $499,999;
Gold – $100,000-$249,999;
Silver – $50,000-$99,999 and
Bronze – $5,000-$49,999.

Various levels of recognition are available throughout the eXtension site depending on the sponsoring amount. Gifts under $5,000 will be listed on the Foundation page only. For the complete policy, go to extension.org/mediawiki/files/7/78/EXtension_Foundation_Partnership_Policy_12-4-09.pdf

Also added to the http://about.extension.wiki under corporate development is a development tool kit. This kit includes ideas, tips, observations, and other helpful information to work with potential partners and sponsors. Included are the different types of partners, how to move them into becoming a sponsor, procedures, policies and suggestions to secure outside funding.

For more information, contact Betty Johnson, extension development officer, betty.johnson@extension.org or 812-330-1339.