Virtual News Room Boasts Record Year!

Lynette Spicer, eXtension’s Virtual News Room manager, has compiled a variety of reports regarding the News Room and Extension participation:

Viewers’ Choice by Pageviews:
Top 10 News Releases Posted During 2009

4,731 pageviews: Ohio Issue 2 – Ohio State University Fact Sheet on Legal Questions
(Oct. 15, 2009; Ohio State University)

2,295 pageviews: The Pros and Cons of Television Viewing for Children
(April 8, 2009; University of Missouri)

2,028 pageviews: How to Talk to Your Creditors When You Can’t Pay Your Bills
(Jan. 22, 2009; University of Illinois)

1,564 pageviews: Tax Credit Available for First-time Homebuyers
(April 13, 2009; Oklahoma State University)

1,497 pageviews: Aronia Berries Easy to Grow Organically, Have High Levels of Antioxidants
(Aug. 26, 2009; Iowa State University)

1,055 pageviews: Tropical Plants to Grow in the Midwest
(Feb. 23, 2009; University of Illinois)

1,010 pageviews: Tax Credits Available for Home Energy Improvements in 2009
(April 15, 2009; Oklahoma State University)

821 pageviews: Sharpen Mower Blades for a Clean-cut, Healthier Lawn
(May 8, 2009; University of Arkansas)

790 pageviews: Home Vegetable Gardening’s Popularity Growing
(March 18, 2009; University of Nebraska)

788 pageviews: The Third Wire: Using Three-prong Plugs with Two-prong Adapters
(Sept. 15, 2009; Louisiana State University)

Dec. 2009 top sources and number of releases:
23–North Carolina Cooperative Extension
20–Kansas State University
19–Louisiana State University
18–Oklahoma State University
14–North Dakota State University
14–University of Illinois
13–Mississippi State University
13–Purdue University
13–University of Arkansas
12–Ohio State University


eXtension News: 3,497 Releases Posted in 2009
Releases posted in 2009 came from 47 land-grant universities

An average of 14 news releases were posted each work day. The sources of those news releases and number posted from each university during 2009:

242–University of Arkansas
241–North Dakota State University
233–University of Illinois
211–Iowa State University
209–Kansas State University
188–Ohio State University
154–Oklahoma State University
135–University of Missouri
134–University of Minnesota
133–Mississippi State University
127–Texas AgriLife Extension
116–Purdue University
113–University of Nebraska
110–Louisiana State University
93–North Carolina Cooperative Extension
92–University of Kentucky
69–Oregon State University
63–Montana State University
62–Alabama Cooperative Extension
61–Utah State University
58–Penn State University
58–University of Wisconsin
53–University of Georgia
50–University of Nevada
36–South Dakota State University
36–University of California
33–Cornell University
32–Clemson University
28–New Mexico State University
27–University of Florida
27–Michigan State University
27–Washington State University
25–Virginia Cooperative Extension
17–University of Maine
13–University of New Hampshire
11–Rutgers University
11–University of Idaho
9–Alaska Sea Grant
9–Southern University
6–University of Wyoming
4–West Virginia State University
3–Maryland Cooperative Extension
2–Colorado State University
2–University of Rhode Island
2–University of Tennessee
1–Alcorn State University
1–University of Massachusetts
100–Other sources
30–Original releases

3,497 TOTAL

2009 News Releases by Topic

471–Gardens, lawns and landscapes
426–Personal finance
377–Corn and soybean production
234–Families, food and fitness
228–Entrepreneurs and their communities
215–Beef cattle
161–Family caregiving
141–Agrosecurity and floods
76–Science, engineering, and technology for youth
62–Organic agriculture
49–Wildlife damage management
49–Animal manure management
42–Geospatial technology
38–Food safety
37–Bee health
35–Diversity across higher education
33–Pest management in and around structures
24–Small meat processors
17–Imported fire ants
181–Communities of Practice not yet launched

3,497 TOTAL