Inclusion of eXtension in NIFA Competitive Grant Programs Now Possible

eXtension is pleased to report that with the upcoming release of the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) Competitive Grants Program, as well as other competitive grant programs supported by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), eXtension may be included in proposals. Funding may be requested to:
1) establish an eXtension Community of Practice (CoP) or
2) enhance an existing CoP to ensure that information and technology transfer reaches potential adopters as quickly as possible.

For complete information on how to include eXtension in a grant proposal please visit:

Please contact Craig Wood at, 859.323.8472, Ashley Griffin at, 859.323.8473 or Dan Cotton at, 402.472.8841. We will be pleased to explain the process, answer questions and review proposals to ensure the case being made for eXtension funding is consistent with program guidelines. To be convincing to the peer review panel it is recommended that applicants including an eXtension component in their proposal include a letter of acknowledgment from eXtension in the application.