Coming Soon…’Public Talk, Public Action’ Webinar

Helping communities examine public issues — such as land use, water quality, education, food access, health care, and economic development — can be challenging to Extension professionals. Without question, many of these issues can be complex and can cut across a range of academic disciplines and public values. They can result in contentious discourse that causes rancor and fragments communities. Reaching consensus on how best to address these public issues is tough work. If you or other Extension professionals are faced with working with communities struggling with contentious issues but haven’t got a real grasp on how to work side by side with citizens, organizations and leaders to help them deliberate and act on matters of importance then this is the webinar for you!

We’re developing an eXtension professional development community of practice (PDCOP) so Extension professionals can gain the set of skills, competencies, and experiences needed to effectively employ citizen-centered approaches as a core part of their Extension activities. If you are searching for tools that will strengthen your portfolio to help engage the public in community dialogue, deliberation, and action strategies that can assist residents in making sound public choices amid uncertainty and conflict this community of practice is for you.

During the webinar we will cover the basic architecture of using dialogue and deliberation as a tool for citizen-driven problem solving and we’ll solicit your input for how best to design user-friendly materials and present them in a way that serves your needs.

This webinar will be presented twice for your viewing convenience – April 23 at 3 p.m. ET or April 29 at Noon ET. More information will be provided in the April eXtension UPDATE, or for more information contact Dr. Wynne Wright ( Stay tuned.