Updates for the FAQ and Events Tools

We’ve just released an update to our FAQ and Events content creation tools, most of the changes were things that we’ve done “behind the scenes” – but there’s a few changes and improvements that you will want to know.

Common Codebase and New Host

FAQ and Events now share a common codebase. More importantly, they are both now running at our “cop.extension.org” host along with the CoP wiki environment. This co-locates all three of our eXtension-managed content creation tools at the same host.

The Events tool is at: cop.extension.org/events

The FAQ tool is at: cop.extension.org/faq

The “events.extension.org” and “faq.extension.org” URLs will continue to work – and in the next few months, we’ll be rolling a new landing page for cop.extension.org that links to each of the three content creation tools that CoP’s can use to put together content for publication to www.extension.org

Events Form Improvements

We’ve made two improvements to the events form – the first is when entering event times for events that are not all day events, before we had three individual time fields. This deficiency has been corrected – and now there’s a single field for entering the time, that will accept various formats (9:00am, 9 am, 9AM).

The second is that the content/resource area tag selection now uses a common interface with the FAQ publishing, providing a more familiar and more flexible way of tagging the Event for aggregating the rest of the content coming from the FAQ and CoP Wiki tools.



Another improvement – the resource area tags are retreived live from the definitions made for Communities of Practice in our public site tool. There’s now just one place for eXtension staff and CoP’s to make sure their resource area tags are entered.


We’ve made some architectural improvements to the feeds, but one drawback is that if you were previously subscribed to a feed of items for a specific tag – those feeds referred to a numeric identifier for tags that is no longer valid. You’ll need to come back into the application and resubscribe to those feeds. Just go to: http://cop.extension.org/main/feeds to pick the feeds that you want to subscribe to. If you’d like more information about feeds – you can check out our Professional Development Recordings (See “Drinking from a Fire Hose” and Using Feeds to start).