Building on eXtension

One of the goals for the eXtension Engineering Team is to make as much of our data and information programmatically available to our peers as we can.

We’ve just begun doing that this year, and our colleagues are already taking advantage of it – and we wanted to highlight their efforts.

Ray Kimsey, at North Carolina State University, as part of the CYFERnet project, is pulling data from the CYFAR community within for the CYFERnet Professionals’ Directory.

Visitors to CYFERnet can browse the public profile information for Extension Professionals, including their activities and interests and social network connections – sourced from their profile information that they have chosen to share publicly.

Brian Webster and Ying Zhou at Iowa State University have built on this public profile data as well, building a widget that you can use at your own sites to list your own social networks (see it in action on Brian’s staff page at Iowa State)

Both teams are using our “publicprofile” data api – which pulls a JSON output for a person’s public profile information. You can see the JSON output for my public profile at (or – we’ll find it by either eXtensionID or registered email address).

You can get all the public profiles for any community by using the “communitymembers” data api e.g. or (community can be the name or ID of any of the 182 communities at )

We’ll be documenting the parameters and the API’s available from over the next several weeks and months (and we’re presenting at NETC 2010!)

We are looking forward to making more and more data available this year, and building a foundation that more folks like Ray, Brian, and Ying can build upon!