Coming to eXtension–Open Source Video Service

Within the next few weeks, eXtension will have a new video delivery capability available for use by Communities of Practice, Moodle teachers, and Second Life developers. Working through, our Moodle hosting provider, we will soon have a contract for use of Kaltura, an open source video platform (see Using Kaltura you can upload any type of video file, edit that video online, integrate that video with other documents (e.g., ppt, doc, pdf), and even obtain usage reports–including how much of each video is actually viewed. Video uploaded to Kaltura can come from local files, from other video repositories, or even captured live through your webcam.

Within Moodle, teachers can create either a video or a video presentation resource through a simple menu selection, or can add a video activity to allow students to upload or webcam video as part of an assignment. Kaltura also has integration packages for Drupal, MediaWiki, and several other platforms. eXtension staff will schedule training on the use of Kaltura through the regular professional development series as soon as Kaltura is ready to be deployed.