eXtension Calls for New Communities of Practice

eXtension is releasing a call for the formation of new Communities of Practice. Specific details can be found at https://www.extension.org/wiki/2010_Call_for_CoPs. eXtension will provide start-up funds of up to $60,000 per Community of Practice. Funds are available to establish four new Communities in 2010.

The subject areas identified in which CoPs can emerge are listed below. The list is not all-inclusive. So, if you have an idea for a CoP and have the team in place to build the community, eXtension would encourage you to submit an application.

• Forage and Livestock Systems
• Carbon Science
• Rural and Community Development
• Alternative Crops
• Air Quality
• Ecosystems
• Global Climate Change
• Food Security
• Soils
• Wildlife and Fish
• Family and Small Farms
• Youth Citizenship
• Youth Healthy Living
• Community Capacity Building
• Farm Financial Management
• Farm Safety
• Turf Management
• Community Leadership and Policy
• Urban Programming

• International
• Nutrient management
• Sustainable Agriculture Practices
• Water Quality
• Markets
• Trade and Policy
• Almost any subject area within the International Arena

Letters of Intent are due July 1, 2010.