eXtension Identifies Funds to Support Exisiting CoPs

Enhancement funds have been identified to help Communities of Practice that did not receive startup funds and are struggling in various ways to develop their community, get content created, and engage with their users. CoPs must meet the eligibility requirements and submit the appropriate materials to qualify for review.

Eligibility Requirements:
*The CoP cannot have received any startup funds or leadership funds from eXtension in the past to be eligible for the motivational funds.
*A CoP that is having significant issues in devoting leadership time to the CoP and in engaging CoP members to create content.

*Submit justification for why the funds are needed and how the funds will be used. (2 pages)
*Submit scope of work with budget and budget narrative

Review Process:
eXtension will establish a special review panel to evaluate requests for funds. Potential make up of review panel would include selected members of the Director’s Council, Governing Committee, and eXtension staff.

Deadline for submitting material for Enhancement funds is July 1, 2010. For more information contact Craig Wood at craig.wood@extension.org.