eXtension Releases 2009 Community of Practice Evaluation Report

Six Communities of Practice provided evaluation reports for 2009. A very brief summary of these reports is provided. For a more complete overall report and individual CoP reports, please see https://www.extension.org/wiki/CoP_Evaluation_Reports

Entrepreneurs and their Communities conducted a survey of their CoP members. 86 percent of the respondents rated webinars useful or very useful. The majority of respondents rated all of the five resource areas as useful or very useful.

Financial Security for All evaluated its FAQs. Results include: 70.4 percent indicated that the FAQ provided information that was useful or very useful; 37 percent indicated that the FAQ helped them to learn quite a bit more or a lot more new information; and, 66.7 percent indicated that they may put or definitely plan to put the information into use from the FAQ that they accessed.

HorseQuest evaluated its 12 learning modules with the following result. Self-assessment of knowledge gained increased from 79 to 96 percent after viewing the learning lesson. Of the 111 instructional videos placed on the HorseQuest YouTube channel, 68 percent have received a 5-star rating and, there have been 239 self-referrals from the channel to the eXtension HorseQuest public website. Of the 17 web casts they have evaluated, they were considered to be very useful (58 percent) or somewhat useful (41 percent) in helping viewers make more informed horse management decisions and, 67 percent planned to make at least one change in their horse management practices based on information gained from viewing the web cast.

Imported Fire Ants conducted an eXtension adoption survey. Of the 43 respondents who had used resources from the eXtension public website, 21 (49 percent) indicated that the Imported Fire Ant resource area was very useful.

Just in Time Parenting is conducting an evaluation of parents who receive their monthly newsletter for the first 12 months after their child’s birth. After they receive their 12th newsletter, parents are invited to fill out a questionnaire which taps how much they have learned, ways they have changed their behavior, and their satisfaction with Just in Time Parenting.

Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center impacts have been monitored through several on-line surveys. Results include: users rated the web casts (64 percent as very useful), subject matter pages (52 percent as very useful), website (46 percent as very useful), and the newsletter (46 percent as very useful); and, 50 percent of livestock and poultry producers reported that they implemented one or more new practices to protect air or water quality.

For more information about this report or other evaluation within eXtension, contact Mike Lambur: mike.lambur@extension.org.