Financial Security for All Releases New Bankruptcy Course

The eXtension personal financial management course for bankruptcy filers, Financial Success: Recovery after Bankruptcy, is available now from a link to the Financial Security for All page: The course was developed by a team of eXtension personal finance specialists, Sharon Seiling, Ohio State University; Elizabeth E. Gorham, South Dakota State University; Chris Koehler, Washington State University; Celia R. Hayhoe, Virginia Tech, Nancy Hudson, Ohio State University; Jinhee Kim, University of Maryland; and Suzann Enzian Knight, University of New Hampshire. Input was also provided by Barbara O’Neill, Rutgers University. The course is drawn from classes they offer and materials they have developed in their respective universities, and it has been vetted through a peer review process.

The course is based upon the basic components of financial management and meets the requirements of the Department of Justice U.S. Trustees Program. It features audio and closed captioning of the script as well as the visual pages. It features worksheets and exercises. Because it is an online course, it will provide an alternative for persons who have filed for bankruptcy and reside in counties in which there is no Cooperative Extension class available. This course is available 24/7; however the certificates will be provided by staff at Iowa State during business hours from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time the next business day after completing the class. The cost for the Financial Success course is $20 per person. Couples who have filed for bankruptcy jointly must complete the course separately.