eXtension Engages through Social Networks

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, SecondLife, SlideShare, Ning, Drop.io and blogs are all a part of today’s communication. eXtension Communities of Practice are on all those social media platforms.

Cooperative Extension has a rich history of going to the people and their communities. Today those communities are online.

Ashley Fondren at Mississippi State University has been tweeting for the Families, Food and Fitness eXtension Community of Practice (@FFFCoP) since last October. Among her 449 Twitter followers are the White House, Newsweek, Parenting and Baby Talk magazines, Disney’s Family.com, Baylor Health, the American Heart Association, Southern Living magazine, Liz Szabo with USA Today and many Extension colleagues.

Fondren said her Community of Practice actively engages its target audience and increases the availability of its content through Twitter. @FFFCoP connects with health, nutrition and media entities helping to spread the word about eXtension’s Families Food and Fitness Community of Practice. She concludes, “Engaging in social media like Twitter and Facebook gives you the opportunity to learn the most up to date information instantly! Join the conversation today! Follow @FFFCoP by clicking http://twitter.com/FFFCoP.”

The Communities of Practice homepage in the eXtension wiki has a link to the social media platforms Communities of Practice use, http://cop.extension.org/wiki/Main_Page. eXtension Communities of Practice evaluate various media, often starting with one and then expanding.

“Rather than be overwhelmed by all the social media options, we suggest CoPs select one platform, become familiar with how people use it and try it,” said Craig Wood, eXtension Associate Director and Content Leader.

Professional development sessions and conferences hosted by eXtension focus on social media communication tools. Archived webinars are at https://www.extension.org/wiki/Recordings_of_eXtension_Professional_Development_Sessions#Social_Networking.

In addition to the Community of Practice sites, find the eXtension organization on social media at:
Facebook – Cooperative Extension
Second Life – Morrill
SlideShare – Cooperative Extension
Twitter – @BeGrowCreate
YouTube – eXtensionInitiative
Blog — https://www.extension.org/blog/
Feeds — http://www.extension.org/feeds