Oil Spill, Gardening, Food and Fitness Hot News Topics in June

Eleven land grant universities provided more than half the 326 news releases posted on eXtension during June. The largest number of news releases came from:

University of Missouri–29
Louisiana State University–22
Kansas State University–16
Mississippi State University–16
University of Arkansas–16
Oklahoma State University–15
University of Illinois–15
University of Georgia–13
North Dakota State University–10
Ohio State University–10
University of Wisconsin–10

Between 6 to 10 news releases each were posted from 12 universities: Iowa State University, Michigan State University, North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Penn State University, Purdue University, Texas AgriLife Extension, University of Arizona, University of Florida, University of Idaho, University of Kentucky, University of Nebraska and Utah State University.

Between one to five news releases came from 12 universities: Alabama Cooperative Extension, Colorado State University, Cornell University, Maryland Cooperative Extension, Montana State University, Rutgers University, University of California, University of Minnesota, University of Nevada, University of Rhode Island, University of Tennessee and Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Land-grant university experts and even students from Montana State University contributed to what the nation and world can learn about the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill and the impacts. Both the new Oil Spill CoP resource area, http://www.extension.org/oil_spill, and the Agrosecurity and Floods resource, http://www.extension.org/disasters, have news about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. It’s not surprising that Louisiana State University was the source of 9 of the 23 oil spill releases posted on eXtension. Other land grants and sea-grants had news on the impacts. News came from Iowa State University, Michigan State University, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant, Mississippi State University, Montana State University, University of Arizona, University of California and University of Florida as well as DOE, Gulf of Mexico Alliance, NOAA and the Unified Command.

June news releases from 35 states were posted in 32 live CoPs and five not-yet-launched CoPs.

Resource areas with more than 10 news releases posted were:

Gardens, lawns and landscapes–37
Families, food and fitness–30
Personal finance–22
Parenting –20
Oil spill–17
Corn and soybean production–15
Food safety–15
Farm energy–14
Beef cattle–13
Entrepreneurs and their communities–13
Agrosecurity and floods–12
Family caregiving–11