eXtension Virtual 3D News

Planning is underway for the Virtual State Fair Days in Second Life, October 6-10, 2010. The event, taking place on eXtension’s Morrill sims, will simulate the experience of a typical agricultural fair, including live musical performances, special educational programs, exhibits, and demonstrations. The fair will serve many purposes: public education and outreach, marketing, virtual community building, and professional development. Your help is needed! Two planning sessions are being held in August, see details under “Professional Development Opportunities.”

eXtension Virtual Worlds Coordinator, LuAnn Phillips (SL: Thynka Little), has been registered by Linden Lab as a “Second Life Solution Provider.” This designation acknowledges the professional quality of eXtension’s work in Second Life and provides eXtension with access to a variety of helpful developer resources. LuAnn will present a breakout session, “Extension Virtual 3D: A New Kind of Experiential Learning,” at the upcoming Second Life Community Convention.

Learn all about eXtension Virtual 3D and how to get started using it at www.thynkalittle.com.