Military Families Environmental Scan Survey Deadline August 6

If you’ve already completed the Military Families Environmental Scan Survey, thank you! If you haven’t completed the survey or haven’t forwarded it on to those in your Cooperative Extension System that work with programming that serves military families please do so as soon as possible. Additionally, there is an opportunity in the survey where you can supply information on programs that may no longer be active. We would appreciate any historical information you or your colleagues may be aware of as well.

To access the survey, please click on this URL or copy and paste it into your Internet browser. We are using InstantSurvey, a convenient online survey tool. No need to print anything out or mail it in. Once you open the Environmental Scan Survey, please read the instructions carefully. Please complete the survey by Friday, August 6.

Thank you again for your attention and efforts on behalf of the Military Families Partnership.