CoP Best Practice–Key Contributor of the Month Award

In an effort to express its gratitude to Community of Practice members, the Families, Food and Fitness (FFF) CoP is introducing the “Key Contributor of the Month” award. This will be awarded to:

• A CoP member who interacts regularly on Facebook and Twitter
• Responds promptly to “Ask an Expert” questions
• Contributes articles and other content to the CoP
• Contributes research findings in health and nutrition fields (share this with University health/nutrition researchers who may not work for Extension or be affiliated with a land-grant; FFF would love to be an outlet researchers use to broadcast their latest research findings)

A Key Contributor will be named for each month. The monthly Key Contributor will be featured on the FFF CoP site along with their institution, a brief bio, links to materials they have contributed to FFF, as well as research and projects they are working on at their institution. The Key Contributor will also be promoted on Facebook and Twitter.

According to Ashley Fondren of the FFF CoP, “We love our CoP members and value your expertise and contribution so very much! The first “Key Contributor” will be announced in the September newsletter. So, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, set your preferences with “Ask an Expert,” and start thinking of possible content you could submit as an article, recipe, YouTube video, chat, webinar, or interactive. We look forward to promoting our CoP members and helping spread the news about your work on the FFF CoP as well as in the fields of health and nutrition.”