eXtension Stakeholder Evaluation and Progress Review

The eXtension Governing Committee will be conducting a stakeholder evaluation this Fall. The Committee is interested in producing an objective, fact-based, and insightful review of eXtension’s progress and performance that’s rooted in:

1) the performance goals for which eXtension is accountable;
2) an understanding of new developments which may have occurred over the course of time and how eXtension has responded to them;
3) the creativity and resourcefulness eXtension has demonstrated in achieving its commitments;
4) the desire to identify apparent strengths and capabilities which can serve as a platform for future growth and success; and
5) objectively integrating the views of a wide range of stakeholders.

The stakeholder evaluation will inform the work of the 2010 eXtension Progress Review Panel and be used to “tune-up” the eXtension Strategic Roadmap. The stakeholder evaluation will be conducted this Fall and enhancement of the Strategic Roadmap will occur in early 2011.